From Oh-so-lazy day to awesome-lazy day!

Hey! It’s weekends. You’re probably up now and wondering what you can do to survive the day. Ever wonder what you can do extraordinarily on your Saturdays and Sundays? Oh, of course, you get tired of routine house chores. Turn your “Oh-so-lazy” day to an “Awesome-lazy” day with these few tips you might want to try.

  1. Wake your muscles up! Go. Wear that workout outfit you recently purchased and start your day right! Want to feel good while stretching? Wear the right gym or workout clothes to help make you feel and move a lot better. Don’t be conscious if you’re just at home and you glam up too much for stretches. Remember that winners always go for the extra!
  2. Read a book! Knowing something new and reaching different places without leaving your seat is so exciting! And that is possible through reading books! Disconnecting yourself online brings peace and wellness for a day. Leave those follow-ups right now and go for some quirky and fun book ventures!
  3. Get lost in art. Blow the dust off your art depot and turn your imaginations into a masterpiece. Aside from being relieved from weekday hustles, you get to discover new talents you never knew you have! Wash those old brushes of yours, or use pen and paper scratches to unleash that artistry in you. Trust me, thinking fancy is therapeutic.
  4. Sleep. Of course, you don’t want to get up since it’s the weekends. If only you could sleep the whole day to make up with the rest you lost, you’ll do it. And who said you can’t? Turn those lights off and sleep as long as you can. But, hey, don’t skip your meals! Your body needs it.
  5. Pig Out and Chill. Don’t be afraid to pig out sometimes! You deserve some treat after long tiring weekdays. Grab those chips and cookies of yours, and start that series you’ve been dying to watch. Chill the entire day and feel guilt-free about it.

Life is hard enough. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you wanted to do something you’ve been dying to do on weekends, make it happen. Turn that weekend into an “awesome-lazy” day! Treat your hardworking self the rest it deserves. Just don’t forget to be responsible. You’re not always at the wheel.

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beautiful life

Hello, friends!

I was supposed to post this journal this 3ish in the morning but I fell asleep ๐Ÿ˜… I was so tired to function yet I thought this might be a good read for those who need it. Yes, this one is again unsolicited but hello, I just want to share what I think can be of help to others ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi, friends!

It’s 2:31 am and I am here writing in the middle of the morning because suddenly a precious realization popped out into my head making me want to write this asap before it’s gone.

Just a quick background story, I was so busy the whole day. I forgot to check my emails, check SMS, WhatsApp, and other communication tools that I use for work. Took a bath after dinner and fell asleep right after changing my clothes. Beautiful memories came out of my head while I was in deep sleep. I do not know if this happened to you before but I think I was in the middle of a sleeping session with a sleeping coach. Flashbacks of my childhood memories, sweet feats, and other things circled my head for some time. There is also this glimpse of the little me and my grandfather having a conversation about something and we were laughing so hard about it. Ugh, those were the good days. Suddenly, I was again pulled out to reality and realized those were just part of my dream.

I woke up, checked my phone, and found tons of messages to check. After sending replies to a few of them, I started to think of the dreams that I had. Have I thought about it before I slept? No. Have I thought of my tatay before I slept? No. What might be the reason for those memories to visit me suddenly? After some reflection, I realized maybe that dream wanted to tell me something. And that is to appreciate the life that I have, more than what I used to.

I was raised by two beautiful people and a loving family. We might not have the sweetest bones to say I love you each day, but the warmth I felt never runs out of flame. I, my brothers, and cousins, were used to battle tough times and maybe that’s the reason why I easily get over with bad experiences. I am not used to dwelling on the things that I do not feel good about. But I know how to acknowledge and understand those kinds of things. Yeah, I feel depressed too. Failures and bad decisions make me cringe and even cry from time to time, but I happen to surpass them. Most of the time, I couldn’t care less about something, not because I am not concerned about it, but because I try to see the goodness in it. You know, whine today and get back on the battlefield after.

Bottom line is, I just wanted to share, especially for those who haven’t realized it yet, that life is just so beautiful. Most of the time, we are so busy thinking about how to make it through the day. Yet we tend to forget how wonderful the process is in making our day a “day”. Yes, it’s tough. The process is tough. Making decisions is tough. But the beauty in it is that we get to learn how to risk. That’s why I am so proud of those people who can file that resignation, start a business, work on their dreams, or change careers in the middle of these hard times given that they also help provide for their family needs. Through risking we get to lessen the “what if’s” and those “could have been”. The flight’s not easy. Making ways to make our goals happen can be a very lengthy draining journey. There will be scars, yes. But the scars bring out the extraordinary in us. And that’s what makes life more beautiful and fulfilling.

Anyway, I am just so thankful for everything I have now. I am thankful for my parents, my family, my loved ones, the experiences, the good and bad times, for they brought about the better version of me. And oh, apologies if I tend to get easy even in rough times. Some people used to hate me for that and label me insensitive, but that does not mean I see your concerns less, than what I have in my baggage. I understand where your pain is coming from and I respect that. May you see the wonders of life even in its darkest times. Have a healthy mindset!

Good night!

Why Did I Start Blogging?


Back in college, I have this fancy of starting a personal blog that I can use as an avenue for me to share my thoughts and stories on everything that is happening with my life. Topics on the everyday struggle a college student can experience, the weight of decision making, how to start a bright day ahead, a Communication student must-haves, acing a scholarship, how a follower can become a leader, etc. But because of various affiliations back then, I didn’t have the time to work on it, plus the lack of confidence to start writing. Hahaha. I have this notion inside of me, that my articles have to be perfect and that it has to be pleasing for everyone’s taste. But it was the old me. Now, I will write whatever I want to share. This platform will help me share the learnings I have gained in my life, hoping that others will learn from it. And that I can inspire those aspiring writers that blogging makes sense, and it can go a long way in achieving one’s dreams.

  1. SELF-INVESTMENT. Thank you, 2020. You brought the best in me because of the everyday struggle that I had in a 360-degree turn. The disarray life has imparted on me gave me this understanding that investing in yourself is one of the guaranteed investments you can make. Apart from the reason that you’ll be spending your life with yourself most of the time, you will get to see a direct return on the investments you’ve made for yourself. And these returns can last the long-term. You can start advancing your classes by taking several online courses. Learn new skills by attending free online workshops, or expand your knowledge by reading books, articles, and other materials that are a good source of knowledge. As for me, I pursued my blogging to refine my skills in writing and sharing stories. To improve ways of marketing. And to open up opportunities for myself and aspiring writers like me. Unlock the potential you had in you. The key is to keep updated and diversify one’s skills.
  2. MEET AND INSPIRE PEOPLE. I have lived for 22 long years! I can say it was full of learnings and understanding about life’s decisions, relationships, connections, and everything in between (which I will share on my next blog). I have met different people from different walks of life. I have learned how to deal with and communicate with them. I gained this understanding that there are people who will walk into your life worth keeping and not, who will be there when they need you and not when you need them, who will make you build walls for the benefit of yourself, and a lot more learnings that I have gained in this laborious process of adulting. And that you don’t have to please everyone for you not to offend them. And that you don’t have to be available for them all the time. And that most strangers you’ll meet are way more honest than those you used to know. And I hope that through sharing these learnings, I can inspire others to continue fighting life struggles, especially those who are on the verge of giving up. And that you can surpass anything even in hard times. You will meet new people along the way, who can say, I feel the same way too and that I wanted to be like you. Or say that I wish I had realized this earlier and that I should’ve started writing also. Through blogging, you’re sharing a piece of yourself to others that they might find worthy. Through blogging, you’re capable of changing one’s perspective from dull to a bright one. So keep on writing!
  3. CREATE AND ATTRACT OPPORTUNITIES. I believe that through blogging, I can create new opportunities for myself and others. Through writing, I can expand horizons for my networks if they need any help on promotions and other needs blogging can offer. I can help aspiring bloggers start their own blog space and motivate them to write with passion. The fear that I had back in college brought me to the understanding that not risking is the enormous risk one can ever do in his/her own life. Hence, I had let go of the opportunities offered after graduation since the lack of experience is one of the setbacks I had encountered. This time, I’ll work on my best not to let go of the opportunities that will help me realize my dreams. Because at the end of the day, it is ourselves alone who will make efforts for our goals. A circle of people will support us, but it is ourselves who will act on it and make it happen. So believe that you can, and work on it.

I hope my reasons for starting a blogging career will help you realize how not risking can affect one’s tomorrow. And that self-trust is essential in doing the things you fear. Your first article will not be at its best. Not all of your friends will read it. And that’s okay. There’s always a first time for failure, so don’t be afraid of failing. Instead, fear the times you’ve lost just because your fears and hesitations had consumed you. One can not be successful without risking. So work on your dreams, and unlock the potentials you had inside. You never know your life’s plot twist might be around the corner.

5 Keys to Knock Your Goals


New year, new you-as what most of us young adults would gladly claim as we welcome another year in our lives. As we embark on another chapter, we excitingly welcome our goals will solidly slam for the year. These can be worldly, spiritual, aesthetic, or anything in between. We’ve heard a lot about the importance of goal-setting in our lives but have we asked ourselves how important these goals are, and if they are, how can we make them more effective? Are there any strategies we can do for the realization of these things? Where should we start? Well, here are the top 5 keys you need to do to knock those goals:

  1. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS. – As cliche as it may sound, successful people recommend that writing down your goals will bring you a step closer to their realization. It’s an extension of the vision you had in mind that will remind you every day of the things you are vying for. These goals should be anchored to your why. And what are these “why?” These can be the people, experiences, or state acting as the reason you have built your goals. When writing/sketching down your goals, think of the things you’re dreaming of, make it specific, and anchor it with your why. Don’t be afraid to dream big-it’s always the big things that need wide leaps. Challenge yourself. Along the process, you’ll find yourself leaping wider than you used to.
  2. POST IT. – After writing down your goals, pin them where you can see them most of the time. As an extension of the vision you had in mind, it’s only appropriate that you can visualize them every day. It’s just like pinning your list of groceries on the corkboard in your kitchen you should buy for the day.
  3. TRACK BACKWARD STEPS. -Since you now have your goals posted, start tracking the small steps you need to do to hit them. Say, I wanted to travel to Japan on the day of my birthday. The first bullet I need to consider – I have to know how much does it cost to travel to Japan. Second, what are the things I need to have before getting there? Third, will I go alone or should I travel with a friend? Knowing these bullets will help you act on your goals effectively. Now that you know the cost of traveling to Japan, you need to cut off your monthly expense on the inessential to save up for your travel in 5 months. And so on for your other bullets.
  4. BUILD YOUR HABITS. – Building a habit is the hardest of the steps you have to consider for knocking your goals. The excitement that you had when you envisioned your goals are slowly fading as the days grow old. And so you have intermittent habits. Keep benchmarks and hit it. Remember that good habits make the best routine, and the best routine grants a reward. Believe you can always ace it, and all else will follow.
  5. PERSISTENCY. – Don’t forget that persistence is needed to achieve your goals. Mishaps are normal. Take them as a challenge to make you hunger for your dreams. Be persistent enough to end the match you’ve started. You’ll never know, tomorrow might be your win.

Keeping these keys in mind will surely help you achieve your goals. Have a strong mindset thatโ€™ll remind you why you should do such things. There will be days it’ll be hard but always be grounded on your why. Just be faithful to it, and believe you can do everything. And please, don’t forget to celebrate small wins. Appreciation adds sweetness to your life! Choose to be successful!


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